Blooming Hub Caps           Sharon Zigrossi
hub cap  art



Pretty In Pink Peony

Despite being made of cast off materials this Peony is pretty in pink! The base is a hub cap with a petal pattern that is painted and embellished with found materials; rebar pins, window screen, q-tips, toothpicks, bits of jewel bric a brac, to recreate the flower's intensely frilly center.


YoYo Heart

Inspired by the promise of spring flowers I approached this hub cap as if it was a quilt and I painted the "fabric". I then created the  heart shaped center bursting with painted flowers. As a finishing touch I added smashed bottle caps. that I painted as flowers.. The crimped edges of the bottlecaps reminded me of sewn yoyos that I've seen made into quilts. 


Heart's Desire

Being better with a brush and paint than a needle and thread I created my own crazy quilt of bright colors and patterns.  The center is a multi dimensional blue flower created with wood and a bit of bling.


Sunny Buick

Sunny Buick is a metal hub cap that was inspired by my love of sunflowers.  I am fascinated by the textures of the flower and it's interesting seed dense center.  This is my interpretation. I incorporated lots of found materials including metal pieces, acrylic gems, window screen mesh and bits of this and that to create the center.


Oh Sunny Day

The vibrant colors and flowers on a birthday card became my color palette for  Oh Sunny Day.  I am always on the lookout for unusual cast off items at garage and estate sales and that is where I found a box of carpentry biscuits that were shaped like flower petals.



Swirls of colors and shapes were dancing in my head when I was painting Cottonwood's flower. For the center I  wanted something multi dimensional to be like the daisy I was envisioning. The  built up center piece is made with recycled tin can lids, wood circles and carpentry  biscuits.

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