Blooming Hub Caps           Sharon Zigrossi

About Blooming Hub Caps

The Beginning


One summer day  I noticed a  hub cap that was  leaning against my garage  looked like the sunflowers in my garden.  I cleaned it up, painted it and hung my new creation in the garden.  From there I started rescuing hub caps from the side of the road and  finding creative ways to repurpose them. and keep the plastic  out of  the landfill.

What started as yard art developed into more elaborate creations for indoor display that are one of a kind and eco-friendly works of art.

The Creative Process


Cleaning the greasy hub caps is the first step- not my favorite part! I then spray paint the back and prime the front before I start to paint my hub cap "canvas'. As a recycle artist I like to rethink before I toss and I am always on the lookout for objects that can be repurposed in a unique way. My hub cap creations are often embellished with other found objects like bottlecaps, plastic lids, aluminum cans, metal bits, window screen, cork, bits of jewelry and the list goes on!



Flowers are fascinating to me and I love to deconstruct their structure and essence and think how I can recreate it's beauty with found objects. I find inspiration for my art in my own garden, at work at a landscape company and as a master gardener.  Most of my Blooming Hub Caps are flowers but sometimes a  hub cap looks like a radiating sun to me and it  must be painted!.